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RE: Robbing the cavalry officer

Yes, there is an Airs of London value that makes it Straightforward; I haven’t pinned down which one yet, but I know it exists. So if you check in on the storylet whenever Airs of London changes, you’ll get the lucrative action as a small bonus every once in a while.

this was a submission but I’ll just use it to point out that the cav officer isn’t a airs challenge any more but it unlocks at a certain airs value, seems to reset it though!

a bit of poking reveals that it unlocks somewhere around the value 47-50: “A window glows with the amber light of tallow-candles. Voices are raised in song. ” and resets it back to 0: “Out on the city’s edge, zee-bats cry where black waves break on a black shore.”

It might unlock a tad earlier than that, but that’s what i’ve found!